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Casadevall Lab Publications

33. Imidazole-derived carbenes and salts boost nickel-catalyzed ester carbonylation activity

C. Casadevall*, Chem. Catal., 2023, 3, 100863.

32. Bioinspired photocatalytic systems towards compartmentalized artificial photosynthesis

L. Velasco-Garcia, C. Casadevall*, Commun. Chem., 2023, 6, 263. Selected for the Communications Chemistry's 2023 Editors' Highlights Collection.

Previous Publications (PhD and Postdoc)

31. Size-dependent activity of carbon dots for photocatalytic H2 generation in combination with a molecular Ni cocatalyst
C. Casadevall, A. Lage, M. Mu, H. F. Greer, D. Antón-García, J. N. Butt, L. J. C. Jeuken, G. W. Watson, M. García-Melchor, E. Reisner, Nanoscale, 2023, advance article, accepted, in press.

30. Rational Design of Covalent Multiheme Cytochrome-Graphitic Carbon Dot Biohybrids for Photo-induced Electron Transfer

H. Zhang±, C. Casadevall±, J. H. van Wonderen, L. Su, J. N. Butt, E. Reisner, L. Jeuken, Adv. Funct. Mat., 2023, 2302204, accepted, in press. (± equal 1st author contribution)

29. Low-Volume Reaction Monitoring of Carbon Dot Light Absorbers in Optofluidic Microreactors

T. Lawson, A. Gentleman, A. Lage, C. Casadevall, J. Xiao, T. Petit, M. Frosz, E. Reisner, T. Euser, ACS Catal., 2023, 13, 9090-9101.


28. Hybrid Photocathode based on Ni Molecular Catalyst and Sb2Se3 for Solar H2 Production

D. A. Garcia-Osorio, T. P. Shalvey, L. Banerji, K. Saeeda, G. Neria, L. J. Phillips, O. S. Huttera, C. Casadevall, D. Antón-García, E. Reisner, J. D Majora, A. J Cowan, Chem Comm., 2023, 59, 944-947. 


27. Low Oxidation State Cobalt Center Stabilized by a Covalent Organic Framework to Promote Hydroboration of Olefins

L. Gutiérrez, V. Martin-Diaconescu, C. Casadevall, F. Oropeza, V. A. de la Peña O’Shea, J. Meng, M. A. Ortuño, J. Lloret-Fillol, ACS Catal., 2023, 13, 3044-3054.

26. Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Diluted Polyanionic Iron(II) Spin Crossover Systems

A. Moneo-Corcuera, D. Nieto-Castro, J. Cirera, V, Gómez, J, Sanjosé-Orduna, C. Casadevall, G. Molnár, A. Bousseksou, T. Parella, J. María Martínez-Agudo, J. Lloret-Fillol, M. Hevia Pérez-Temprano, E. Ruiz, J. R. Galán-Mascarós, STAR Protocols, 2023, 4, 102394.


25. Molecular Magnetic Memory Near Room Temperature in an Iron Polyanionic Complex

A. Moneo-Corcuera, D. Nieto-Castro, J. Cirera, V. Gómez, J. Sanjosé-Orduna, C. Casadevall, G. Molnár, A. Bousseksou, T. Parella, J. María Martínez-Agudo, J. Lloret-Fillol, M. Hevia Pérez-Temprano, E. Ruiz, J. R. Galán-Mascarós, Chem, 2023, 9, 2, 377-393.

24. Photocatalytic Removal of the Greenhouse Gas Nitrous Oxide by Liposomal Microreactors

S. EH Piper, C. Casadevall, E. Reisner, T. A. Clarke, L. JC Jeuken, A. J Gates, J. N. Butt, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2022, 61, e202210572, hot paper.


23. Engineering Electro- and Photocatalytic Carbon Materials for CO2 Reduction by Formate Dehydrogenase

V. M. Badiani, C. Casadevall, M. Miller, A. R. Oliveira, I. A. C. Pereira, E. Reisner, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2022, 144, 31, 14207-14216.


22. Heterogenisation of Molecular Water Oxidation Catalysts in Electrodes for (Photo)electrochemical Water Oxidation

C. Casadevall*, Water, 2022, 14(3), 371.  


21. An Integrated Carbon Nitride-Nickel Photocatalyst for the Amination of Aryl halides Using Sodium Azide

A. Vijeta, C. Casadevall, E. Reisner, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2022, 61, e202203176. Highlighted as VIP. Highlighted by Y. Uozumi, T. Takahashi, Synfacts, 2022; 18(09), 1003-1012.


20. Bridging Plastic Recycling and Organic Catalysis: Photocatalytic Deconstruction of Polystyrene via C-H Oxidation Pathway

T. Li, A. Vijeta, C. Casadevall, A. Gentleman, T. Euser, E. Reisner, ACS Catal., 2022, 12, 14, 8155-8163.

19. Development of Advanced High Throughput Experimentation Platforms for Photocatalytic Reactions

C. Casadevall±, J. Aragón±, S. Cañellas, M. A. Pericàs, J. Lloret-Fillol, X. Caldentey, The Power of High-Throughput Experimentation: General Topics and Enabling Technologies for Synthesis and Catalysis (Volume 1), Chapter 9, 145-165, ACS Symposium Series, 2022, 1419. (± equal 1st author contribution)


18. Light-Driven Reduction of Aromatic Olefins in Aqueous Media Catalysed by Aminopyridine Cobalt Complexes

C. Casadevall, D. Pascual, J. Aragón, A. Call, A. Casitas, I. Casademont-Reig, J. Lloret-Fillol, Chem. Sci., 2022,13, 4270-4282. Advance article, Front Cover.

17. Roadmap Towards Solar Fuel Synthesis at the Water Interface of Liposome Membranes

Pannwitz, D. M. Klein, S. Rodriguez-Jimenez, C. Casadevall, H. Song, E. Reisner, L. Hammarström, S. Bonnet, Chem. Soc. Rev.2021, 50, 4833-4855. Advanced Article – Tutorial Review.


16. Visible‐Light Promoted C–O Bond Formation with an Integrated Carbon Nitride–Nickel Heterogeneous Photocatalyst

Vijeta, C. Casadevall, S. Roy, E. Reisner, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2021, 60, 8494–8499. 

15. Bespoke Biomolecular Wires for Transmembrane Electron Transfer: Spontaneous Assembly of a Functionalized Multiheme Electron Conduit

S. E. H. Piper, M. J. Edwards, J. H van Wonderen, C. Casadevall, A. Martel, L. J. C. Jeuken, E. Reisner, T. A. Clarke, J. N. Butt, Front. Microbiol., 2021, 12:714508.

14. Photocatalytic C–H Azolation of Arenes using Heterogeneous Carbon Nitride in Batch and Flow

Z. Wen, T. Wan, A. Vijeta, C. Casadevall, L. Buglioni, E. Reisner, T Noël, ChemSusChem, 2021, 14, 5265-5270. 

13. XAS and EPR In Situ Observation of Ru(V) Oxo Intermediate in a Ru Water Oxidation Complex

N. Levin, C. Casadevall, G. E. Cutsail III, T. Weyhermüller, J. Lloret-Fillol, S. DeBeer, O. Rüdiger, ChemElectroChem, 2021, 9, e20210127. Front Cover.

12. Isolation of a Ru(IV) Side-on Peroxo Intermediate in the Water Oxidation Reaction

C. Casadevall, V. Martin-Diaconescu, W.R. Browne, S. Fernández, F. Franco, N. Cabello, J. Benet-Buchholz, B. Lassalle-Kaiser, J. Lloret-Fillol, Nat. Chem., 2021, 13, 800-804. Highlighted by C.C. Cody and G. W. Brudvig, Joule 5, 1921–1933, August 18, 2021; Nature Portfolio Chemistry Community, May 2021; and in different news and blogs such as:; Azomaterials;; Infosurhoy; Bioengineer; Scienmag; SciTechDaily;

11. Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation by Cobalt Cytochrome C integrated-ATO Photoanode

C. Casadevall*, H. Zhang, S. Chen, D. J. Sommer, D. Seo, G. Ghirlanda, Catalysts, 2021, 11(5), 626-637. 


10. Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation with α-[Fe(mcp)(OTf)2] and Analogues

S. d’Agostini, K. Kottrup, C. Casadevall, I. Gamba, M. Costas, J. Lloret-Fillol, D. Hatterscheid, ACS Catal., 2021, 11, 5, 2583–2595. 

9. The Synergy Between the CsPbBr3 Nanoparticle Surface and the Organic Ligand Becomes Manifest in a Demanding Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reaction

I. Rosa-Pardo, C. Casadevall, L. Schmidt, M. Claros, R. E. Galian, J. Lloret-Fillol, J. Pérez-Prieto, Chem. Commun., 2020, 56, 5026-5029.


8. A Unified Electro- and Photocatalytic CO2 to CO Reduction Mechanism with Aminopyridine Cobalt Complexes

S. Fernández, F. Franco, C. Casadevall, V. Martin-Diaconescu, J.M. Luis, J. Lloret-Fillol, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2020, 142 (1), 120-133. 


7. Current Opinion In Artificial Photosynthesis with Molecular Catalysts

C. Casadevall*, EAES, ISSN: 2578-0336, 2020. 10.31031/EAES.2020.07.000651

6. Water Oxidation Catalysis with Well-defined Molecular Iron Complexes

C. Casadevall, A. Bucci, M. Costas, J. Lloret-Fillol, Adv. Inorg. Chem., 2019, 74, 151-196. 


5. Improved Electro- and Photocatalytic Water Reduction by Confined Cobalt Catalysts in Streptavidin

A. Call±, C. Casadevall±, A. Romero-Rivera, D. J. Sommer, S. Osuna, G. Ghirlanda, and J. Lloret-Fillol, ACS Catal., 2019, 9 (7), 5837-5846. (± equal 1st author contribution)


4. Design of Iron Coordination Complexes as Highly Active Homogenous Water Oxidation Catalysts by Deuteration of Oxidation-Sensitive Sites

Z. Codolà, I. Gamba, F. Acuña-Parés, C. Casadevall, M. Clémancey, J-M. Latour, J. M. Luis, M. Costas, J. Lloret-Fillol, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019, 141 (1), 323-333.

3. Dual Cobalt-copper Light-driven Catalytic Reduction of Aldehydes and Aromatic Ketones in Aqueous Media

A. Call±, C. Casadevall±, F. Acuña-Parés, A. Casitas, J. Lloret-Fillol, Chem. Sci., 2017, 8 (7), 4739- 4749. Front cover, Highlighted in Chemistry World and Chemistry Views and This article is part of the themed collection: Most downloaded articles of 2017: Energy and Catalysis. (± equal 1st author contribution)

2. Catalizadores para la Conversión de la Energía Solar en Enlaces Químicos

C. Casadevall, A. Call, Z. Codolà, F. Acuña-Parés, J. Lloret-Fillol, An. Quim., 2016, 112 (3), 133-141.

1. Spectroscopic, Electrochemical and Computational Characterization of Ru Species Involved in Catalytic Water Oxidation: Evidence for a [RuV(O)(Py2Metacn)] Intermediate

C. Casadevall, Z. Codola, M. Costas, J. Lloret-Fillol, Chem. Eur. J., 2016, 22 (29), 10111- 10126. 

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